Zombie Quests are a specific type of mission set in Zombie Lane. They are comprised of three subquests, each of which is comprised of five missions.

Quests are posted to the game once per month, and only remain active for fourteen days.

The normal pattern is that the first subquest will give an exclusive food item (worth 50 energy), the second gives an exclusive decoration for your yard, and the third gives an exclusive weapon.

The exact missions in a subquest will vary, but common types include:

  • Kill a specific number/type of zombie.
  • Perform specific actions at neighbors' yards.
  • Collect a specific number of zombie items, or trade in a specific number of zombie collections.
  • Collect income from a specific building a given number of times.
  • Harvest a specific type of crop.
  • Craft a specified amount of a specific weapon.
  • Hire neighbors to perform a specified number of actions.

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