The Harvest IEdit

The Harvest I

Flavor Text: My granny Smith had the best recipe for Apple pie! If you bring me some of the ingredients I might just make ya some.

Mission Description: Even in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse, you should always find time to plant and harvest crops.



  • Coins: 200 (Android: 100 coins)
  • XP: 55

Completion Text: Mmm, delicious! Share some extra food with your friends!

Given by: Farmer Frank

The Harvest IIEdit

The Harvest II

Flavor Text: Plump Watermelons always remind me of my dear granddad's belly. They're hard to grow, but I know ya can do it!

Mission Description: Are those Watermelons ready yet? Harvest them when they´re heavy and ripe, and make sure the fences are okay!


  • Harvest 20 Watermelons. (20 Credits to Finish)
  • Fix 10 Picket Fences.

Hint: If all your picket fences are OK, visit your neighbors and see if they need any help!


  • Coins: 300 (Android: 150 coins)
  • XP: 55

Complete Text: Fences will keep those Zombies occupied while you bury your face in some watermelons. Share some food with your friends.

Given by: Farmer Frank

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