Flavor Text: I am conducting an important research project on the Zombie virus but I can not get into my laboratory. Help me collect Access Cards so I can re-enter and continue my research. This might be early to say but I have high hopes for finding the cure...

Mission Description: Help Doc get his equipment back! Kill Military Zombies to find the needed items.


  • Collect 5 Petri Dish. (25 Credits to finish)
  • Collect 5 Droppers. (25 Credits to finish)
  • Collect 5 Test Tubes. (25 Credits to finish)

Hint: Military Zombies are wearing heavy armor suits. They can only be killed with crafted weapons. Tap on any building to start crafting weapons.


  • Coins: 100
  • XP: 20

Completion Text: Unknown

Given by: Doc

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