This is the mission chain to unlock the Circus site

The Circus is in Town IEdit

Flavor text: Clown Zombies have stolen all the Tickets! Collect 50 Circus Tckets for Mr. Fettuccine. 

This is the first mission to unlock the Circus site

Goal: Collect 20 Circus Tickets

Note: the number may be different between online/Android and IPhone versions


  • Coins: 50
  • XP: 15

Given By: Mr Fettuccine

The Circus is in Town IIEdit

Flavor text: You are now welcome to enter the Circus!

Goal: Enter the Circus

Hint: Click on the green strip to the right of your house to enter the Circus!


  • Coins: 35
  • XP: 20

Given By: Mr. Fettuccine

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