Keep it CleanEdit

In order to keep the wiki clean there are some things you could do. You could list up empty pages down here. Also please hyperlink a tag only once in text. There are some cases you're right to hyperlink tags multiple times on a page. Read below.

Hedva 00:04, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

List of Pages which have to be deletedEdit

Here is a list of pages which have to be deleted. If you find a page which has to be deleted, please put it at the bottom of this list. This list is used by admins to delete pages

Hyperlink tag only 1 time on each page Edit

Hyperlink a tag, like 'Crafted Weapons' only once at a page. It's unnessecary to hyperlink multiple times the same tag/word on the same page.

  1. If it is a (big) table it could be useful to have multiple hyperlinks of the same tag
  2. If it is a really big page so the double tag is at the begin and the end of the page
  3. If more reasons; post it here.

Use the right templates for pagesEdit

  • Template for Mission Pages
  • Template for Buildings
  • Template for Characters
  • Template for Items

Mission Pages TemplateEdit

Use this template to make pages for missions:

Flavor Text: The text you see before you get the mission. Most of the time you see the person + text-balloon

Mission Description: Description of the mission. You can see this if you click on the mission icon on top of the mission menu.


  • Task required to complete the mission
  • Other tasks required to complete the mission


  • Coins: #
  • XP: #
  • Other things you get if you complete the mission

Hint: If there is one, at the bottom of the mission page.

Completion Text: The text you see if you have complete the mission.

Given by: The person who gives you the mission

Unlocks Mission:

  • Mission 1
  • Mission 2

Col-2 templateEdit

Splitting up the Contents part of the Main Page in colums would make it more clear, I think.

(See Template:Col-2)

Needed a page for zombie challenge

Here a list of Zombie Points needed

Level , Zombie Points, Rewards

1    250        Cash 1
2    2200        Cash 1
3    4600        Cash 1
4    7200        Cash 1
5    10000        Cash 1,EnergyPack1:3
6    13000        Cash 1,Edible.CupCake:2
7    16200        Cash 1,Edible.EnergyCola2:1
8    19600        Cash 1,Edible.Sandwich:1
9    23200        Cash 1,Edible.EnergyPack2:1
10    27000        Cash 1,FoodReward50:1
11    31000        Cash 1,FoodReward70:1
12    35200        Cash 1,FoodReward90:1
13    39600        Cash 1,Farming.Strawberries:20
14    44200        Cash 1,Farming.Radish:20
15    49000        Cash 1,Farming.Watermelon:20
16    54000        Cash 1,Farming.Corn:15
17    59200        Cash 1,Farming.Onion:12
18    64600        Cash 1,Farming.Carrot:5
19    70200        Cash 1,Farming.Pumpkin:5
20    76000        Cash 1,Farming.Beans:5
21    82000        Cash 1,Farming.Cabbage:5
22    88200        Cash 1,Fence.WoodenFence:20
23    94600        Cash 1,Fence.PicketFence:20
24    101200        Cash 1,Fence.PlankFence:10
25    108000        Cash 1,Weapon.Grenade:1
26    115000        Cash 1,Weapon.LandMine:2
27    122200        Cash 1,Weapon.Shotgun:1
28    129600        Cash 1,Weapon.HuntingRifle:1
29    137200        Cash 1,Weapon.Crossbow:1
30    145000        Cash 1,Weapon.MiniGun:1
31    9999999        Cash 1,Weapon.MiniGun:1

me and my wife have played zombie;anr since it first came out and we havent been able to play on face book my name is under and my and we do not want to lose r yards ate weapons and all of thst so how do ew transfer to be able to play it on our laptops we did start a new game on r tablet but we still want all the stuff we havere earned 3 banks  weapons grills and all that we have been playing for 6 years on face book 2011 till now well 5 years and we want to be able to get some new players who are playing please help us transfer this we are kind of puter i;llterate but love this game lol help us please

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