Sentry gun

Sentry gun

Weapon Type: Robot / ranged weapon

Damage Type: destroying of zombies in it's range

Damage: Infinite / No item drops

Ammo: Infinite

Armor: Indestructable

Time active: 24 Hours (300 coins); 48 hours (2 credits) or 72 hours (3 credits)

Needs to activate: 4 clicks and help from three neighbors, can be given on request only.

Important note 1: zombies killed this way, do not:

  • count on leaderboard
  • give XP
  • drop anything

Important note 2:

  • Does not kill hillbilly zombies, elf zombies, military zombies, mission zombies.
  • Auto targets anti - clock wise. Will keep targetting a zombie if it stays in range, will not target hillbilly zombies.
  • Will make zombies move out of it's range in random pattern.
  • Excellent for protecting walls from boxed in zombies.
  • Excellent for player protection when clearing out rubble. Just move the sentry gun nearby where you are working to keep pesky zombies away.