Mission becomes available after completing the Supermarket

Repairing the hydrants, street signs, street lights and bushes can be done before unlocking the missions and still are counted correctly.

Petty Crimes 1Edit

Repair 20 street signs and kill 20 gas station zombies.

Petty Crimes 2Edit

Repair fire hydrants 51 times and kill 25 firefighter zombies.

Petty Crimes 3Edit

Repair flower beds 45 times and kill 40 city worker zombies.

Petty Crimes 4Edit

Fourth version of this mission chain comes available after finishing the Farm corner. You will need to gather 3 alarmclocks, 6 bread bins and kill 20 city worker zombies. There are only 5 city worker zombies available each time you visit downtown. Needs you to revisit it several times.

Petty Crimes 5Edit

Fifth version of this mission chain needs you to kill 30 city engineer zombies. Notice that there are only 5 of them each time you visit downtown. So it requires you to revisit downtown quite a few times.

After this chain you are allowed to repair the fountain in the 5th version of the Civil Obedience chain.

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