In addition to killing zombies, there are a number of missions a player is asked to accomplish.

List of MissionsEdit

Daisy ChainEdit

  • Daisy Chain I
  • Daisy Chain II
  • Daisy Chain III
  • Daisy Chain IV
  • Daisy Chain V

Dude, Where's My CarEdit

Fetching the DogEdit

Find Rob's Diary PagesEdit

Friendly FirepowerEdit

  • Friendly Firepower I
  • Friendly Firepower II

Getting EvenEdit

The Grease TrapEdit

  • The Grease Trap I
  • The Grease Trap II

The HarvestEdit

Hire RobEdit

The Honey-do ListEdit


The Horde is ComingEdit

Hungry CustomersEdit

Jerry's WishlistEdit

Kevin's FranksEdit


Mixed GreensEdit

Needs-a-Diet RobEdit

Restore CommunicationEdit

Rebuild Your HouseEdit

Rent-a-Farmer RobEdit

Start of the InvasionEdit

Style by DaisyEdit

Shop 'til they DropEdit

Snack AttackEdit

Supersize MeEdit

Target PracticeEdit

Tools for SuccessEdit

Young LoveEdit

Who's the BossEdit

All your BaseEdit

  • By Family Member

Some missions can only be accomplished by a specific Family member.



Mission SetsEdit

Shipyardfgfgzdfgsfgsghsghsghsg Edit

Oil Rush