Frontier Town is a cowboy town which just up east of your home map.


Entrance to the Frontier Town

Zombies Edit

Here you will find 3 type of zombies which is:

Buildings Edit

Here you will find 7 type of buildings which is:

  • Sheriff's Office (harvest for coins and XP)
  • Clock Tower (no production)
  • Saloon (harvest for coins and XP)
  • General Store (harvest for coins and XP)
  • Courthouse (harvest for coins and XP)
  • Mine (craft iron ingots and gold ingots)
  • Forge (craft barrel gun and super barrel gun - requires ingots from the Mine)

Trash Type Edit

Here you will find 8 types of trash which is :

  • Soda Can (1 energy require)
  • Bottle (1 energy require)
  • Empty Bag (1 energy require)
  • Grass (1 energy require)
  • Wild Brush (1 energy require)
  • Animal Bone (9 energy require)
  • Rocks ( 9 energy require)
  • Catcus (9 energy require)
  • Tumbleweed (9 energy require)

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