Players can send and receive a lot of items as free gifts in the game Zombie Lane. Many of those items come in handy during missions, help with survival, or provide an easy way to earn a buck.

Sending giftsEdit

Every 12 hours, we can send a gift to all our neighbors/ friends. You can send the following items to them:

Sending items can be done in several ways. At the top of the screen you find the 'free gifts' and 'add neighbor' buttons. From the free gifts menu you can quick send up to 50 items to neighbors, but notice that it sends it to randomly selected neighbors and also to friends which do not play Zombie Lane. At the 'add neighbors' menu you can send items specifically and also give items which are in a person's wishlist (which is NOT free to give, and substracts 1 item per click from your own inventory untill it's empty.)

Requesting itemsEdit

Beside these free gifts, you also can ask friends to send you free items. Depending on the mission, you have a button at the specific place where you need to get the items to request friends or you can use a button at the menu in for instance the weapons menu for requesting friends to send you those items. The items always are send for free without any charge.

The items which can be requested: (please add if you find more)

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