Food in Zombie Lane is a bit of a misnomer. Food as reflected in the Food Counter does not mean the amount of food. It instead reflects the amount of food credits you currently have available to spend on food items.

The irony here is that in order to obtain food credits, you need to harvest food. You don't eat the harvested food, instead, you store it up as food credits and then use that to purchase energy items. (Don't ask me why, I didn't make the game.)

Food (meaning food credits) are acquired from harvesting crops, trees and planets is needed to purchase energy.

But there are also other kinds of food which have various effects. (notice no food is required to play the game, it automatically adds 1 energy each 5 minutes untill the bar is at it's max. Adding energy with food or drinks will add this energy beyond the maximum energy the bar normally replenishes towards. Food does greatly enhance speed at which the game can be played because of a lot more actions can be done with it.)

  • Hotdog : 100% energy replenishment (15 cash in the store, free gift after giving hundreds of free gifts to neighbors/ friends)
  • Donut : 10 energy (random gift from logging in 5 days in row)
  • French Fries : 20 energy (random gift from logging in 5 days in row)
  • Cheeseburger : 100% energy replenishment and 1 additional maximum energy (30 cash)
  • Pizza Slice : 50 energy (35 cash)
  • Sandwich : 6 energy (5 cash)
  • Cup Cake : 2 energy (2 cash)
  • Ghost Cup Cake: 8 energy (9 cash)
  • Treat Basket: 20 energy (18 cash)
  • Halloween Cookies: 6 energy (75 food)
  • Bag of Treats: 8 energy (10 cash)
  • Energy Drinks : versions of 3, 5 and 7 (can be obtained for free from neighbors/ friends).


You will need to complete the Help Frank the Farmer mission first. After completing the mission, you can buy crops in the Market and grow them or buy tree to harvest them. After a mission you also get the repeatable mission of holiday gifts. In those gifts you regularly will find free trees which can be planted.

Main article: Farming


Energy pack 1 requires 20 food for 3 energy, pack 2 requires 65 for 10 energy. Odd thing is that pack 3 requires for 20 energy 150 food (two packs 2 cost 130 for the same amount of energy)

  • The Ghost Cup Cake,Treat Basket,Halloween Cookies, and Bag of Treats are limited edition only on Halloween Sale started on 30 October 2013 till 13 November 2013.

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