Zombielane dog

Your trusty companion to always be right besi...wait, where'd he go?

Part of the major goal Get back your Dog.

==Fetching the Dog Mission ( hard ) Flavor Text: Unknown

Mission Description: The hunt is on for your faithful companion.



  • Coins: 100
  • XP: 72

Completion Text: Well done! Your dog won't be able to resist these toys and food. Share the news with your friends!

Given by: ???

Fetching the Dog IIEdit

Flavor Text: Maybe your neighbors have seen your Dog. Visit some of them and give them a helping hand while you're at it.

Mission Description: Did he visit the neighbors again?


  • Visit 10 Neighbors


  • Coins: 100
  • XP: 76

Completion Text: Hopefully the neighbors will keep an eye out for your Dog now. Spread the word to your friends!

Given by: ???

Fetching the Dog IIIEdit

Fetching The Dog III

Flavor Text: Some of your Dog's favorite things were lost when the Zombies showed up. It looks like Salesman Zombies are carrying them!

Mission Description: Now where did he go?



  • Coins: 100
  • XP: 79

Hint: You can craft the Slingshot in the Garden Shed!

Completion Text: This will make your dog very happy! Share the good news with friends!

Given by: No one

Fetching the Dog IVEdit

Fetching The Dog IV

Flavor Text: Your Dog used to love going hunting. Prepare for the next Zombie hunting season!

Mission Description: Almost found him.


  • Buy 5 Shotguns
  • Kill 10 Zombies Using Shotgun


  • Coins: 100
  • XP: 82

Completion Text: Bull's eye! Keeping the Zombie population low is good for survival.

Given by: No one

Fetching the Dog VEdit

Fetching The Dog V

Flavor Text: Everything's almost ready for the Dog. Only the Dog House is missing!

Mission Description: Home at last.


  • Buy the Dog House
  • Finish the Dog House


  • Coins: 98
  • XP: 85
  • Dog

Completion Text: Your faithful family Dog has finally returned! Share the good news with your friends!

Note: 20 clicks are required to build the Dog House and each click requires 3 Bricks. Finishing the Dog House will cost you 4 Screws, 4 Boards, 4 Metal Sheets and 4 Roof Tiles.