The Entrance To Farmland

'The Farmland' is a map located in the top left hand corner of the home area, unlocked after collecting 60 seeds from Gardener Zombies.

Upon entering Farmland, the player will see a bridge covered in weeds. After the bridge, there is a Market Stand, a Water Trough, a Pickup Truck, a Barn, a Tractor, a Ploughed Field, a Windmill, a Chicken Coup, a Silo, a Cattle Shed, a Well and Milk cans, all of which need fixing, and  various hay bales that need  removing at some point.

Tasks Edit

The first task is to remove the weeds from the bridge into Farmland, which requires the help of three friends, or alternatively can be paid for with ten cash each.

Upon entering Farmland, the player is told by Frank to help repair his Farmhouse - at the cost of one-hundred coins and 1 energy per click, altogether requiring twenty clicks.

Upon completing this, the player is asked to kill ten gardener zombies (Note only Gardener Zombies that are killed in the Farmland count)

Building order:

  1. Farmhouse
  2. Chicken coop
  3. Well
  4. Water throughs(10)
  5. Hay bales(20)
  6. Silo(20)
  7. Windmill(30)
  8. Cattle shed (20)
  9. Barn(40)
  10. Tractor(20)
  11. Field(10)
  12. Market stand(10)
  13. Pickup truck(20)


In Farmland there are 

Hillbilly zombies

Waitress zombies

Supermart zombies

Gas Station zombies
Farmland 2

The Farmhouse

Gardener Zombie

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