Donut shop finished

Finished version of donut shop

The Donut shop is the fifth building in downtown to become available for repair.

It is being manned by Rob.

Repair requirementsEdit

It requires 35 clicks of 100 coins each to repair

To finish it requires 38 building permits and 38 building materials.

Get them from renewable missions or neighbors.


Once finalized, it produces 700 coins and 62 xp per 12 hours.

Tier 2 production upgradeEdit

After City Hall is finished, you can upgrade Donut shop.

For an one time only improvement of 100% you need 3 contracts (costing 9 credits total)

For a permanent upgrade you need 4 neighbors (+25% increase in money and xp per neighbor to help)

Before and after thisEdit

Before this building you will have to finish the Weaponstore.

After this building the Supermarket comes available for repair.

Renewable missionsEdit

For .. building materials you need to ..

For .. building permits you need to ..

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