Doctor Zombies are very strong and will heal if they are injured.

Doctor Zombie

Health: 20

Dropped Items: Edit

Head Mirror (Rare)

Otoscope (Rare)

Knee Hammer (Uncommon)

Medical Kit (Rare)

BP Monitor (Rare)


The 'Doctor Zombie' can be hurt more to a greater degree by using the Poison Dart, made by the Nurse's Syringe, and the Doctor Zombie's Medical Kit, in the Ambulance. On other zombies the Poison Dart will only harm them by 4 hits, while if the Nurse and Doctor are hit with it they take 10 damage, but only in the Home area. If used in the Town area they also will only be hurt by 4 damage. The Home area is the only place that you can use the Poison Dart to kill Medical Zombies, that will clear the missions. If you need to use Poison Darts to kill Nurse or Doctor zombies, and you do it in the Town area they will not count towards your mission complete checklist.

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