Few decorations have any use, though most at some point are called for through missions.

A handful that you pay for give out benefits, but for the most part decorations help personalize your house, and make this apocalypse just a little bit funnier.

Some decorations provide a small source of additional energy.

Desk Chair

Deck Car:

Cost: 400

Sturdy Wooden Chair

BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill:

Cost: 10 Dollars

Generates +3 Energy Every 2 days

Big BBQ Grill

Big BBQ Grill:

Cost: 20 Dollars

Generates +4 Energy Every 2 days

Tree in a Pot

Tree in a Pot:

Cost: 1000 Coins

A small tree in a pot

No Trespassing Sign

No Trespassing Sign:

Cost: 1000 Coins

If they could only Read

Mail Box


Cost: 500 Coins

For Junk Mail Only

Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop:

Cost: 600 Coins

A Decorative Basketball Sculpture

ATM Machine

ATM Machine:

Cost: 35 Cash

Generates +1000 Coins Every 24 Hours

Since feb 2013 generates 3 cash every 72 hours.

Impassable decoration!

Desk Table

Deck Table:

Cost: 500 Coins

Life is a Picnic

Flower Bed

Flower Bed:

Cost: 100 Coins

Flower Bed with Colorful Arrangement



Cost: 100 Coins

Asphalt Pavement



Cost: 50

Concrete Sidewalk

Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome:

Cost: 1000

Zombified Garden Gnome



Cost: 500

Spiky Cactus

Get Off My Lawn Sign

Get Off My Lawn Sign:

Cost: 2000

Subtle, Yet Informative



Cost: 2000

For the Dead, not the Undead

Impassable decoration!

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart:

Cost: 2000

Groceries not Included

Impassable decoration!



Cost: 200

Fresh Laundry, Stains and Smells Removed

Fire Barrel

Fire Barrel:

Cost: 5000

Keeping Survivors Warm

Impassable decoration!

Square Bush

Square Bush:

Cost: 430

Small Square Bush

Red Flowers

Red Flowers:

Cost: 250

Pretty Red Flowers

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers:

Cost: 250

Pretty Blue Flowers

White Flowers

White Flowers:

Cost: 250

Pretty White Flowers

Clear Rubble Sign

Clear Rubble Sign:

Cost: 2053

Friendly Advice To Neighbors

Free to Harvest Sign

Free to Harvest Sign:

Cost: 2053

Friendly Advice to Neighbors

Kill Zombies Sign

Kill Zombies Sign:

Cost: 2053

Friendly Advice to Neighbors

Revive Crops Sign

Revive Crops Sign:

Cost: 2053

Friendly Advice to Neighbors

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