Crafted weapons

Crafted Weapons

Crafted Weapons are (as the name implies) weapons that are created, instead of purchased at the Market.

List of Crafted WeaponsEdit

Crafted Weapons TableEdit

Using crafted weapons as deadly strike you add to your revenue a bonus XP point and a bonus amount of Coins.

Building Weapon Melee Ranged Damage Components Bonus XP Bonus Coins
House Fire Mitts x 2 10 10
Flamethrower x 2 10 10
Tool Shed Electric Rake x 2 20 25
Mega Maul x 2 20 25
Dog House Crowd Controller x 2 15 20
Fire Bomb x 2 15 20
Garden Shed Molotov x 2 10 15
Slingshot x 2 10 15
Garage Zombie Trimmer x 4 30 50
Ice Ice Baby x 4 30 50
Old Car Pepper Spray x 4 50 10
Shrapnel Bomb x 4 25 10

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