X10 combo bonus

x9 Combo Bonus reward

Combo Bonus is an extra reward. The user have to click on or move over (with mouse pointer) the drops before they are picked up automatically. If you have collected enough drops your combo meter will move onto the next level and you get free coins as reward. There are 10 combo levels. Once you have reached level 10 your Combo Meter will start again with level 1.

It takes approx. 5 seconds before the combo meter runs out and resets. You can lengthen this with picking up coins, xp and food slowly. It is possible to hop from neighbor to neighbor with keeping the combo active. The time frame is very limited however.

The Combo Meter displays 'x1' when you reach level 10.

Level Clicks Required Bonus Coins
1 9 5
2 20 10
3 30 15
4 40 20
5 50 25
6 60 30
7 70 35
8 80 40
9 90 45
10 100 50
total 275

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