ZL- Inventory - Collections 01

Collections are a group of items that can be traded in for a bonus, usually Coins or experience. Be aware that many collection items are needed for Quest completion or Weapon Crafting, so DO NOT trade them in immediately. My rule right now is to have at least five of each item on hand. The collections correspond to the zombie type that drops them. You can find how many items you have in a given Collection in your Inventory. The number you have is also shown in the Weapon Crafting windows and Quest boxes if it is needed to craft that weapon or complete that quest.

Supermart Zombie: 500 CoinsEdit

Motor Oil, Toy Gun, Rope, Toilet Paper, Candy

ZL- Inventory - Collection - Supermart

Salesman Zombie: 25 XPEdit

Baseball Bat, Boxing Glove, Tennis Ball, Bowling Ball, Football

ZL- Inventory - Collection - Salesman

Janitor Zombie: 1000 CoinsEdit

Metal String, Alarm Clock, Mop, Lunchbox, Rubber Glove

ZL- Inventory - Collection - Janitor

Gas Station Zombie: 1500 CoinsEdit

Gasoline Can, Propane Tank, Lighter, Car Battery, Hose

Gas station zombie collection

Waitress Zombie: 2500 CoinsEdit

Diet Cola, Liquor Bottle, Dry Ice, Dinner Knife, Salt Shaker

ZL- Inventory - Collection - Waitress

Plumber Zombie: 40 XPEdit

Suspenders, Spray Bottle, Metal Pipes, Plunger, Rubber Duck

Plumber zombie collection

Gardener Zombie: 80 XPEdit

Red Peppers, Rake, Potatoes, Garden Trimmer, Fertilizer

Gardener zombie collection

Firefighter Zombie: 3000 CoinsEdit

Fire Extinguisher, Flashlight, Matches, Boot, Metal Bucket

ZL- Inventory - Collection - Fire Fighter

Construction Zombie: 5000 CoinsEdit

Nails, Helmet, Tape Measure, Paintbrush, Traffic Cone Construction zombie collection


Doctor's CollectionHead Mirror, Otoscope, Knee Hammer, Medical Kit & BP Monitor (Trade in for 90 XP)


Nurse CollectionPills, Kidney Tray, Syringe, Thermometer & Baid Aid. (Trade in for 6,000 coins)


Dock Worker CollectionWrench, Broken Nail Gun, Small Motor, Welding Mask & Buzz Saw (Trade in for 3,000 Coins)


Sailor CollectionLife Float, Fishing Pole, Harpoon, Diving Tank & Rucksack (Trade in for 90 XP)


Miner CollectionDynamite, Mining Tools, Mining Helmet, Mining Lamp & Coal (Trade in for 3,000 Coins)


Cowboy collectionHorseshoe, Spurs, Bandoliers, Gunpowder Pouch & Bet Buckle (Trade in for 5,000 Coins)