Cash is premium currency to buy more coins, premium items, and skipping things in quests. Players can also purchase energy with cash.


Players get 1 cash every new level, or can buy cash. An ATM Machine costs 29 cash the first purchase (the price increases by 40 cash for each additional) and produces 3 cash every 72 hours (3 days).

Players also get a one time offer of buying the Starter Package and can obtain 220 cash along with a few other things. There's also a alternate way of getting bonus cash while purchasing cash.


No point in the game absolutely requires cash but it can make the game easier by killing monsters faster, building items faster or completing quests faster.


The cost of cash may vary depending on the currency used and temporary deals. In the Starter Package, which includes other things along with the cash, there is 220 cash for $4.90. The price of cash (with price per Cash in parenthesis) at one point:

  • 15 Cash For $1.40 (9.3 cents)
  • 45 Cash For $3.90 (8.7 cents)
  • 105 Cash For $8.90 (8.5 cents)
  • 220 Cash For $17.90 (8.1 cents)
  • 400 Cash For $29.90 (7.5 cents)
  • 1,500 Cash For $99.90 (6.7 cents)

Also visit Cash Counter to see more on Cash.

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