ATM Machine

This is a Impassable decoration.

One of the most useful things in the game. This is probably great for those who play this game a lot.

You can be harvest every 72 hours and it will provide 3 cash. When harvested by neighbors they also gain 1 energy from it.

ATM Machines start out costing 35 Cash, then 75 Cash, then 105 Cash, and then 175 Cash. The max you can have is 4 ATM Machines. The picture to the right is a picture from the older game of Zombie Lane and you gained 1000 coins ------------->

The prices may have changed a bit. Currenly, the ATM starts out at 29, the third one is 129.

Apparently, the harvest time can be decreased with the assistance of 3 neighbors.


Not sure about the Facebook version but on Zombie Lane v.7.3.2 on, you may only have up to 3 ATMs. Once you reach that count, the item in the marketplace is marked as being Maxed Out.

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